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 Michaela Rae Earles
~~If thats is not what love is I honestly dont know. I saw her for 5 seconds and my heart was hers! I love my girl more then anything. ~~
~~We had talked about having another baby if I was ready after the miscarriage and I was and he looked at me and bam I was pregnant with my love~~
~~Pregnancy wasnt perfect but it all worked out she came 5 days LATE lol I would do it all again too~~
~Me at 13 wks pregnant ~~ I know I was huge~
~New Love~
Few minutes old                                                                    6months old
Born: Sept. 6, 2006
Height: 20 1/2 inches
Weight: 7lbs 4 1/2 oz
~Proud Daddy~                                                      ~Sisters~
really not 1/1/04 more like Sept. 24 or so
One Fav. Pics of her ~ 2 wks ~                                                   ~Attitude Already~
She looks sooooo long and so tiny.. ~2wks~
"Plug" WAS her best friend                                                     ~~Haleigh Loves you~~
~Smiley Baby~
~ Best gifts come in small packages ~
1st Thanksgiving
Happy Baby
Smiles For Mommy